In November 2003, UC Florida PAC
endorsed several candidates in the
City of Miami Beach elections for their
ongoing support of LGBTQ, Latino/Hispanic
& other minority issues in the community.

UC Florida PAC produced direct mailers,
palm cards and a team of volunteers to get
the word out to voters on Lincoln Road &
various key locations on Election day.

They all won.

Congratulations to
Mayor David Dermer
Commissioner Matti Herrera-Bower
CommissionerLuis Garcia
Commissioner Simon Cruz
In November 2003, UC Florida PAC
sucessfully informed voters in State Rep.
Gaston Cantens district of his stated
position to no longer agrree with or support
the voter approved human rights ordinance
of Miami-Dade County.

Results were immediate, with Cantens
representatives contactiong UC Florida PAC
to clarify his position, and once again
express support for the ordinance.
In February 2004, UC Florida PAC
Developed newspaper avertising & direct
mailers to encouraged voters in the
City of South Miami and City of Surfside to
vote for LGBTQ/Hispanic/minority-friendly

The results, once again, were favorable.
UC Florida PAC will continue to encourage
the election and appointments of individuals
who value and protect equal rights for all ,
and will continue to fight for legislation for the
same, at local, state & national levels.
UC Florida PAC is a non-partisan, Political Action Committee offering political leadership
on issues that concern Latino/Hispanic LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning)
and other minority groups in Florida.

UC Florida PAC es un Comite de Accion Politica, sin asociacion a partidos politicos, que ofrece
liderazgo politico en asuntos concernientes a latinos/hispanos LGBTQ (lesbianas, gays, bisexuales,
transgeneros, cuestionando) y otros grupos minoritarios de la Florida.

786-356-1665      www.unitycoalition.org/UCFloridaPAC.html

Out of Town?...  NO PROBLEM!
ABSENTEE BALLOTS & additional Election Info Available at:

District 1 North Dade Regional Library - 2455 NW 183 Street  - Site #1 , City of Miami Gardens
District 2 North Miami Public Library - 835 NE 132 Street - Site #2 , City of North Miami
District 3 Lemon City Library - 430 NE 61st Street (Children’s Room)  - Site #3 , City of Miami
District 4 Aventura City Hall - 19200 West Country Club Drive - Site #4 , City of Aventura
District 5* **Stephen P. Clark Center - 111 NW 1 Street (Lobby) -  Site #14 , City of Miami
District 5 Miami Beach City Hall - 1700 Convention Center Drive - Site #5 , City of Miami Beach
District 6 West Flagler Library (Reference Room) - 5050 West Flagler Street - Site #6 , City of Miami
District 7 Coral Gables Library - 3443 Segovia Street - Site #7 , City of Coral Gables
District 8 South Dade Regional Library - 10750 SW 211th Street - Site #8 , Miami-Dade County
District 9 Florida City - City Hall - 404 West Palm Drive - Site #9 , City of Florida City
District 10 West Dade Regional Library - 9445 SW 24 Street - Site #10 , Miami-Dade County
District 11 West Kendall Regional Library - 10201 Hammocks Boulevard - Site #11 , Miami-Dade County
District 12 **Elections Department - 2700 NW 87 Avenue - Site #12 , City of Doral
District 13 Miami Lakes Public Library - 6699 Windmill Gate Road - Site #13 , City of Miami Lakes

*Commission District 5 contains an additional site (Stephen P. Clark Center) that doubles the other sites in staffing and voting

** The Stephen P. Clark Center and Elections Department are the only Early Voting sites open on Monday, August 30, 2004
2007 UC Florida PAC Miami Beach Commissioner
& Mayor
Endorsement Questionnaire

Questionnaire must be returned with the enclosed envelope, and postmarked by midnight,
Monday April 30, 2007 to UC Florida PAC.



Phone number & e-mail:

1. What is your position on same-sex marriage and Civil Unions as it relates to LGBT
(lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) persons.

2. What is your position on Immigrants rights?

3. What is your position on Florida's adoption ban for LGBT citizens.

4. What do you think is the biggest problem(s) that we currently face in Miami Beach, and
how should it/they be changed or improved?

5. Would you accept our endorsement and would you place it on your campaign literature?

I hereby confirm that all above statements and positions are mine and supported by me.


The UC Florida Political Action Committee (UCfloridaPAC) mission includes, but is not
limited to:
- Research political trends and developments pertaining to key target counties,
municipalities and districts.
- Endorse political candidates or issues statewide.
- Input and manage political data using UCfloridaPAC's proprietary database and web
- Assist other PAC groups in meeting planning and preparation as related to Political
Operations events.
- Conduct political education thru telephone, electronic, media and various methods of
communication, to increase voter participation in UCfloridaPAC-supported campaigns.
- UCfloridaPAC works to elect candidates who will support and defend legislation
guaranteeing equal treatment for all under the law.
- UCfloridaPAC fosters the provision of positive information to the entire State on minority
- UCfloridaPAC represents minority individuals, groups, business and industry broadly,
and remains fully focused on serving the political interests of Florida's minorities.

UC Florida PAC is a nonpartisan, statewide political organization established by a group of community
leaders committed to furthering the interests of minorities in Florida. Its mandate is the identification,
endorsement and election of pro-minority candidates to political office, regardless of their political
party, as well as the education, promotion and endorsement of legislation affecting Florida minorities.
for printable
UC Voters Guide