ANITA PRIEST 1918-2006                                                    Photo: courtesy of Terence Nelson

Anita Priest was born & educated in New York during the Depression. She
overcame many obstacles in her life and was one of the first women to
volunteer and join our country’s Women’s Army Corp. She served four years
as an Officer in the WACS during WW11.

Her flair for design came from her grandfather who designed costumes for
the famous Flo Ziegfeld, her Mother modeled his creations.

She attended New York’s New School for Social research, took courses at
the Chicago and New York schools of Design and also spent a summer
studying at the Sorbonne in France.

In the 1950’s she moved to Miami, Florida where her Interior Decorating
career began. She was an in-house designer at first and then branched out
to open her own business. Her studio & accessory shop was in Bay Harbor
and called Accent’s Unlimited.

She was way ahead of her time and had many clients including Judges,
Politicians, Celebrities and local Notables. The famous Architect Morris
Lapidus wanted her on his team, but she had bigger ideas.

In 1962, she founded the School for Interior Decoration and Design and
opened her first school on Miami’s famous Decorator’s Row. Soon after
came a second school in Fort Lauderdale.

Her mission in life was to help others. Many of her students went on to be
well known designer’s in their own right. She changed the lives of many!
Among her many accomplishments, Ms. Priest was included in Who’s Who
of American Women, Who’s who of Florida Women and Barron’s
International Edition of Who’s Who in Interior Design. In 1994 she was
recognized as Woman of the Year by the Gay community with a Dixie award.
She was a past President of what is now ASID and pioneered many
professional organizations.

Besides teaching at her own school she also taught at Miami-Dade
Community College, Florida Atlantic University and the University of Miami.
Her thriving design career spanned over forty years. She created many
memorable and prestigious spaces, private homes, famous restaurants,
clubs and condominiums including models for local well known builders.
When she retired she continued to lecture at various institutions and was a
frequent guest lecturer for Cunard Steamship Line.

Anita’s amazing zest for life came to an end in 2008.

She may be gone but her legacy lives on in all of those she touched with her
wit and wisdom.

She was greatly loved and would be so honored knowing that her
Scholarship will help a talented, passionate student in design and the Arts
realize their dream as she did hers.

Anita Priest Whispering Angles Foundation

Born & educated in London, England. Sandra Holiday has been a resident
of the USA since 1974.

Trained as a Professional Championship Ballroom & Latin American
dancer, Sandra taught dance in London for 10 years as well as performing
with her dance partner Geoffrey Clapham on cruise ships based in New
York. After returning to London, her career brought her back to the USA
where she continued teaching.

In 1985 while living in South Florida she partnered with Anita Priest both
personally & professionally.

For 23 years Sandra was the project manager for the Anita Priest Interior
Design Co. and the Administrator for her successful school for Interior
Decoration & Design.

Sandra established the ANITA PRIEST “Whispering Angels” Memorial
Scholarship Foundation, a legacy scholarship in memory & honor of her.
Anita’s mission in life was to help people, as she had overcome so much in
her life.

Sandra has a dream that one day she will be able to help more members of
the LGBT community continue and to advance their dreams in the Design &
Arts fields. The possibilities are endless. All we need is support.
Showcasing a series of LGBT Speakers, Community Leaders & Topics,
focused on Empowering, Inspiring & Motivating our next generation of leaders.

UC|CU’s OUTCOME will present a series of Speakers and/or Salon
Workshops in 2015 - focused but not limited to 14-36 year olds – with invited
guests that will inspire & motivate with their personal stories of challenges,
perseverance, and success as Out community leaders. Presented in a casual
format to encourage interaction, accessibility and dialogue, OUTCOME provides
direct access to positive LGBT role models to a generation that has had limited
if any access to relatable individuals & goals to aspire to. Follow up mentor
relationships will be encouraged and monitored for 1 year, to keep up with and
guide participants to greater things.

ARTS, DESIGN & EDUCATION | Celebrating the Life of ANITA PRIEST,
and Providing Educational Opportunities to our Community

Miami, Florida- November 2015…With the common goals of Leadership &
Empowering the LGBT community through Art, Design & Education, Unity
Coalition|Coalición Unida is proud continue the legacy of Anita Priest and the
Whispering Angels Foundation, by spearheading the Anita Priest Memorial
Scholarship, ongoing.

New Applications available Jan.1, 2015

Established in 2007 in memory of her later partner, renowned Interior Designer Anita
Priest, the “Whispering Angels” Memorial Scholarship program founded by Sandra
Holiday, is a legacy program that provides a scholarship for the LGBT community to
advance their education in the area of Design & the Arts, and now - Education.         

Unity Coalition|Coalición Unida (UC|CU), the first & only organization for the Latino|
Hispanic|LGBTQ Community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning) -
advancing Equality & Fairness since 2002.

The Whispering Angels Foundation, under the guidance of Sandra Holiday and in
memory of Anita Priest, has been essential to our community.  It has allowed LGBT
students who otherwise might not get to go to college, fulfill their dreams and go on
and make a difference. Unity Coalition|Coalición Unida is proud of our partnership in
this important community project, to continue the legacy and work, and we look
forward to announcing the 2015 Scholarship Recipients, soon!               
        - Herb Sosa, president – Unity Coalition|Coalición Unida

Unity Coalition|Coalición Unida (UC|CU) is the ideal community partner to continue
the work of the Whispering Angels Foundation, and to carry on the memory and
ideals of my dear Anita. Through this partnership, the Anita Priest Memorial
Scholarship will flourish, grow and go on to help the very community she was so
fond of. I look forward to serving as a Board Advisor for UC|CU, and helping this
Scholarship Program continue to serve our community, for years to come.
 - Sandra Holiday, founder – Anita Priest Whispering Angels Foundation

Unity Coalition|Coalición Unida’s work is 100% funded by events, private donations &
grants. We are 100% staffed & managed by volunteers. Everything that comes in, goes
right back out for programming, community building, leading & assisting our LGBTQ
community. We encourage you to consider making a financial contribution to the
Scholarship Program – or other year round programming efforts - and helping this
important work to continue.


- You must be a resident of the U.S.
- Submit a completed and signed application.  
- Recent photo or digital photo in jpg, gif, or bmp format
- Most recent academic transcript to be sent by the school by e-mail or by mail
- At least two and no more than three letters of recommendation (At least one of these
must be from an   individual familiar with your academic work (no family members)
- A scan of Driver’s License / State Issued ID  
- I authorize the UC|CU Anita Priest Memorial Scholarship Committee to review and
discuss my grades & other information concerning me that are maintained by my
school or submitted by me for consideration, or of public record.

- Scholarship recipients will be invited to serve a 12 month Junior Board member
position on UC|CU, to foster & encourage Community Service, Leadership &
involvement – ongoing.
- Winning applicants are awarded a $2,500. Scholarship for tuition expenses related to
Design, the Arts or Education, paid directly to the school.
TALLER para la comunidad sobre asuntos legales, inmigracion, matrimonios
binacionales y la ley.
This course is offered in English and Spanish.

A 4 hour course in the following format:
Panel discussion, led by a moderator, with key speakers and presenters
covering specialized topics.
1) Current laws and guidelines for non-married couples in which one partner
is a U.S. citizen and the other is not, and what options and resources are
available for them.  
2) Common misconceptions and misinformation related to binational couples;
3), The psychological impact of being in a binational relationship; 4) How this
impacts the couple,  their relationship, and their extended network of  families
& friends – with special emphasis on the effects on the LGBT community.  

We are proud to be CERTIFIED by the Florida Board of Clinical Social Work,
Marriage and Family Therapy & Mental Health Counseling
 (Florida Board of
Clinical Social Work, MFT and MHC Approved provider, Florida Board of Clinical Social
Work, MFT and MHC - Hypnosis Providership Only, Florida Board of Clinical Social
Work, MFT & MHC - Sex Therapy Providership Only).
C.E. #50-14930
TRANSitioning Workshop | Tools for a Better You
TALLER para la comunidad TRANSgenero - sobre imagen, vestuario, pelo,
maquillaje, cambio de nombre, asuntos legales, psycologicos, y como
mejorar sus opciones de empleo.

Transitioning, fitting in, entering the business world, knowing your legal rights,
or simply understanding your body type and what works best, can be difficult
and often overwhelming.

Come to our FREE 4 hour workshop & meet with our team of Professionals
giving advice on everything from how to Legally Change your Name, Mental
Health Counseling, Clothing & Styling, Hair & Make Up, and much more!
Unity Coalition|Coalicion Unida offers a variety of regularly
PROGRAMS throughout the year, as well as customized programs
for corporations, community groups & educational institutions.
STATE OF HATE | Anti Bullying & Hate Crimes Course
TALLER para la comunidad sobre el Bullying, abuso y crimenes de odio.
This course is offered in English and Spanish

A 4 hour course in the following format:  round-table forum, led by a moderator
with key speakers & presenters covering specialized topics.

Discussion topics include the following:  
1) Crimes & Discrimination, 2) Sexual Orientation, 3) Labels & Perceptions,
4) How to improve community relations & reduce attacks on the LGBTQ

The goal is to develop skills to better identify bias & discrimination, how it is
reported & recorded, and how to better protect & educate our community.
ELEVATE Workshop
A day of Lifting your mind, body, spirit & social well-being.

BEING A BETTER PERSON - through what we eat, how we take care of
ourselves, how we treat ourselves and how we treat others. Many of us find
some, most or all of these topics difficult to follow in our daily lives. Add the
pressures of family, peers, ageing, economy & surroundings, and it often
becomes overwhelming.

Programming includes:
Morning YOGA, light breakfast, Dating 101, Youth & Trans Programming, Lifting
your Mind & Soul, Health Fair, Painting in the Garden, Healthy foods from the
Garden, Medicinal benefits from the Garden, Cocktails you can grow, Poetry,
Loving our pets & much more!

SUNDAY, February 28, 2016 | $30 in advance.


      CONTACT UC|CU for info: info@unitycoalition.org

VISION | Showcasing the Talent, Vision and Possibilities within the
transgender Community, TRANSART brings together a collection of talents,
individuals & artistic genres to create awareness, nurture aspiring artists
and enlighten the general population about the many layers of the
transgender community.

PROGRAMMING | With the BETSY South Beach as the host hotel,
TRANSART will host a Visionary Luncheon on Thursday, June 9th, 2016,
bringing together trans persons who have excelled artistically &
professionally… along with media, educational & community leaders, for a
candid exchange of how better to celebrate, highlight and integrate
Transgender Arts, throughout.

B Bar at the BETSY will be the setting for an Evening of TRANSART of
Friday, June 10th – bringing together a kaleidoscope of talents, including
but not limited to 24 light boxes featuring the works of prominent artists,
poetry reading & a specially choreographed dance performance. This will
be followed by a wine reception for the general public. Event is free.

Youth TRANSART Awareness day, on Friday, June 10th will bring
Miami-Dade GSA school children, elementary to high school, to the BETSY,
for an up close experience, meeting the artists, and allowing for exchange
of ideas, enlightenment and awareness.  

Saturday, June 11th, 2016

The LGBT Center will host a TRANSART exhibit of prominent artists, from
June 9 – 30, 2016. Exhibit is free & open to the public.
In our Transgender Community
TALLER para la comunidad
TRANSgenero - sobre las leyes y
derechos, los miedos y percepciones,
como presentarse mejor y como
mejorar sus opciones de empleo.

A round table discussion to...
- Educate ourselves on the Laws & rights.
- Understanding the challenges, address fears & misconceptions.
- Identify needs of the community & develop employment opportunities.
ARYAH LESTER | Program Coordinator
UC|CU & TransMiami

Y'SEÑIA ALMAGUER | Exhibit Coordinator

- Care Resource
DALE STINE                
HERB SOSA | Co-Producer

The Betsy, South Beach

The Betsy, South Beach

LGBT Visitor Center